Retailer FAQ

I'd love to sell Pocket Charge... how do I get them?!

Amazing! Please send us an email via the contact us page and we will get in touch with how to become a stockist.


How do I use my Pocket Charge?

Tear open my wrapper. Turn on my switch. And plug me in… just check I’m the right way up for your phone!

Which devices is Pocket Charge compatible with?

Thanks to my all-in-one Universal Prong, I can charge a huge number of devices from both Apple and Android! I’m compatible with the Apple Lightning, and Micro USB connectors. 

This means anything from Apple iPhone 5 and above, Apple iPad (including Air, Mini, Pro, etc), Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen and above, and Apple EarPods. 

On the Micro USB side, devices like Samsung S2, S3, S4, S5, S6 and S7, Google Nexus, HTC, etc. 

From phones, tablets, smart watches, wireless headphones… even the lights on your bike, the list is endless!

How much charge will I get out of my device?
This can vary based on the device you’re trying to charge as all devices have slightly different sized batteries inside! I can typically achieve anywhere from 3 to 4 hours of talk time on average for most smart phones. 
To squeeze even more power out of your device I’d recommended you try some of these power saving tips:
1. Lower the brightness on your screen
2. Turn your phone to low battery mode
3. Avoid battery hungry apps such as YouTube, TomTom, Facebook, etc.
4. Close down some of those apps still running in the background
5. Airplane Mode can help, especially if you’re in remote area’s with low signal coverage (or on a plane!)
Do I need to charge Pocket Charge before use?

That’s the awesome thing… definitely not! I’m already charged for you and ready to roll as soon as you tear open my wrapper!

Will Pocket Charge fit my phone if I have a case on it?

In most cases, yes! We’ve designed our Universal Prong to be quite long so that it fits into most cases. 

If you happen to have an especially bulky case though it may be necessary to pop the end out.

How small is Pocket Charge?

My shell is a tiny 4cm x 4cm! And my wrapper is 7.5cm x 7.5cm. I’m very handy to keep in your pockets, handbags, tackle boxes, backpacks, camping box, drawers, car, or gym bag!

How do I know when Pocket Charge is empty?

If you remember how your device reacts when you plug it into a wall charger, for example it’ll make a buzz or beep and the battery icon may change, then by plugging me into your device it should react the exact same way too!

If it doesn’t then I’ve likely sent all of my power up to your device and you can now dispose of me.

Where can you dispose of me?

Ideally I’d love it if you could recycle me at one of these locations to help look after our environment! This is even true for our basic home batteries like AAA for TV remotes!

How quickly does the Fast Charge feature work?

I’m pretty fast. Some devices are more hungry than others so depending on the device I’m charging I should be finishedwithin 30 minutes!

What type of battery is inside?

I’m powered by a lithium polymer battery, which is designed with Fast Charge technology to get you back on the go in no time.

Does Pocket Charge work with USB Type-C (aka USB-C)?

A lot of Android phones use Micro USB for their charging plugs, but some Android phones have the newer USB Type-C for their chargers. Typically these devices also include a “Micro USB” to “USB Type-C” convertor plug in the box. You can certainly use this convertor with Pocket Charge!

We also do have a “Micro USB” to “USB Type-C” convertor plug available for sale, please contact us here for more info. 

But as for Pocket Charge having it natively on the product… not quite yet. But we’re working on bringing this to you ASAP!

Does the Apple iPhone plug work on both sides?

My prong will only fit with the correct side facing up. Lucky for you it’s written on me to help you out.

Can I recharge my Pocket Charge?

Sorry, I’m designed to be as small and compact as possible so I couldn’t be made to be recharged – that requires extra plugs and circuitry! I’m here to get you out of trouble and then we can part ways when you’re done with me. 

Can I get it in more colours?

I am very happy being yellow, don’t try to change me baby! 

My phone hasn't turned back on - help!

Don’t worry, there’s a few things you can check! Sometimes modern phones such as Apple iPhone waits until it has at least 5% charge before it turns itself back on… you may need to just wait a tad longer.

Or on the Pocket Charge itself, check that you have turned the switch to ON and it’s plugged in the right way up. You’ll note the text to indicate Android vs iPhone side up. 


Where do you deliver to?

I can be shipped anywhere in Australia.

How long will delivery take?

I should arrive to you in around 3-5 business days… I’ll always do my best to get to you as quick as I can though!

Can I pickup my order?

If you’d like to pick me up please check out the website to find your nearest stockist!

For online orders here, I’m sorry but I can only be delivered at the moment.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We’ll accept any VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards, as well as PayPal too! We’re completely PCI DSS compliant to ensure your important personal details are highly secured all the time!

What's this Relationship Guarantee thing?

Just like any relationship, we should always aim to be truely happy with lots of love! If this unfortunately doesn’t quite pan out, wouldn’t it be great to have a backup plan?

That’s exactly what we guarantee. If during the first 30 days you aren’t absolutely in love with Pocket Charge like we are, we’ll completely refund your unused and unopened devices up to a limit of 10. It’s that simple. We’ll even throw in an extra $2.50 to cover the postage back to us. 

How’s that for a guarantee?!

What's your warranty policy?

For our Relationship Guarantee, please see the FAQ above. In summary, we guarantee you’ll love our product within 30 days and if not you can return any unused and unopened products.

For all other return or warranty queries, please see our Warranty Page here for terms and conditions.

What's your privacy policy?

Please see our Privacy Policy page for further details.